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Johnny Dep / Jack Sparrow

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Detailed description for this Lookalike

Johnny Depp Lookalike


He is an amazing lookalike, sound alike and act alike of the character Jack Sparrow from the film Pirates of the Caribbean.

He is perfect for all PR Launches, Corporate Events and Private Parties.

He is 22 has managed to start his career as a lookalike fairly early. His amazing likeness to Johnny Depp has even had people thinking he was him. He specialises in the "Jack Sparrow Act" also Johnny Depp ,but is willing to do other characters. Most of his work started from creating a Facebook account. Before joining any agencies was having job offers by day. He has also been described as being the best Johnny Depp lookalike

Previous gigs
  • Golf Club Birthday Party
  • London Private event
  • Wedding Birmingham

As a long time fan of Johnny Depp and an enormous fan of his Captain Jack Sparrow role, I am very picky and critical of Jack impersonators. It is my opinion that he is dead on when it comes to impersonating our beloved Captain. Not only does he have the look down to an art but he is dead on right down to the voice and mannerisms. He executes his craft with thought and an art form I have yet to see in a Captain Jack portrayer(and I have seen my share!). Not only does he have the look, personality, mannerisms and voice down to an art form but he genuinely seems to know the good Captain in depth. If I were to look for Captain Jack to attend my event, I'd be ringing up James for the role.

Elizabeth Anaheim, Ca I have seen quite a few Johnny Depp/ Captain Jack sparrow impersonators. But when i first saw this guy in his role as Captain Jack, he really stood out, he could be Johnny Depps twin brother.

I have loved Johnny Depp for as long as I can remember and I know what he looks like from every angle, every haircut he has had and every character he has portrayed so far. But the character that most people seem to prefer is Captain Jack Sparrow for he is witty, charming and hilarious. He may not seem that hard to impersonate but that might be just how good he is at portraying him, he is like the real deal. Looks and voice included. He has every Jack Sparrow element under his wing and uses this talent to his best ability and if I was able to hire him (for I am in Australia and he is in England) I would, without hesitation. Sionainne QLD, Australia James,

You are truly a wonderfully gifted and talented person! I look at you and I truly see more than someone trying to play a part. I see a true artist at work !! You truly do the character of Captain Jack Sparrow justice!! You are very handsome like Johnny Depp and it is so hard to tell the two of you apart!!! Mr. Depp would approve of the way you bring Jack to life as well!! You are remarkable !! It is a joy to watch you!! You are also such a sweet person and you are such a joy to know!! Remarkable talent, handsome, sweet, a true artist, what a wonderful combination in one person!! I am so happy to be able to call you friend !! May God Bless you today and always!!

Allene Needham Picture This man highly professional impersonator of Johnny Depp and in particular, his character of Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He has not only the look but the voice, actions and manner of this character with all the popular catch phrases too! Ideal for your product promotion, party or photoshoot. Jimmy will not disappoint!

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  • Number of members - 1
  • Available as a solo act? - Yes
  • Available as a duo act? - No
  • Act length - Mix Mingle as requested
  • Impersonates? - Johnny Depp
  • Country: United Kingdom (and will travel)

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