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Benidorm Entertainment

Entertainment in the Costa Blanca an exciting as well as lively destination - Benidorm is a small town, situated north of Alicante, on the Costa Blanca. One of the main draws of Benidorm is its nightlife. Once the sun goes down, entertainment in the Costa Blanca ,Benidorm's exclusive venues become alive with its non stop entertainment, which continues until the sun is up.

Perhaps the best in the whole Europe, the nightlife in Benidorm is both a fun and entertainment, and is also a blend of Spanish culture, heritage, and wonderful relaxation. With its enormous variety of nightclubs, pubs, discos, and a tempting assortment of trendy cabaret bars, of which many of them have an international flavor Nightlife attractions also cover a range of Spanish restaurants and bars that represent every region of Spain.

Nightlife and entertainment in the Costa Blanca Benidorm is a really good place, with such nightclubs and bars as Benidorm Palace Some of the best names in Cabaret Bars are The Shamrock, Sinatras,Zodiac, , Hippodrome, , The Town,Chapplin's Stardust, and Pancho's Pub, most of them featuring entertainment by some of the renowned actors, dancers, and Singers.Benidorm boasts of a very interesting street, namely, c/Santo Domingo, which is home to a complete line of bars. Equally important is a short stretch of Avenida de Mallorca, attracting a large number of British visitors. Included in this stretch are bars like Bahamas, Café de Benidorm, Champions, and Lennon's. Benidorm nightlife highlights also cover a host of Tapas Bars, which attracts a huge number of Spanish visitors.

The renowned tapas bars are Tapas Alley With its celebrated bars and night clubs, presenting entertainment that ranges from kids' specialities to sexy night shows with the funny Sticky Vicky - nightlife in Benidorm has plenty to offer! Entertainment in the Costa Blanca Benidorm nightlife is varied and caters to people of all ages. Apart from British bars, there are also a large number of bars with European owners from Dutch, German ,Swedish .– one of the best options to enjoy Europe's entertainment, with first-class fabulous dancers performing in feathered costumes; Ritch Bitch – a stylish bar noted for its riotous, adult comedy night; and Heartbreak – one of the best themed bars on the beech front.

For those looking for top quality British entertainment, an ideal choice would be the Tower Lounge. A great venue for rock lovers, Daytona Rock Bar entertains people with its lively music. If you are a casino freak, then step into clubs like Casino Mediterraneo, featuring more than 35 slot machines and 23 games including American Roulette, French Roulette, Chemin De Fer, and Black Jack. Likewise, for quality live music as well as never ending happy hours, an excellent option is Beach Hardrock Café where you will see acts like John The Fiddle and Omega. Such venues as Morgan Tavern, Steptoes, and Wheeltappers, attract top comedians and best singers. There are also night clubs, hosting great magic shows and drag shows.– an ideal venue to enjoy the art of tapeo, and La Cava Aragonesa, which include in its menu such Spanish classics as roast lamb and more than 200 wines. Above all, Benidorm is famed as one of the top clubbing destinations in Mediterranean, thereby drawing some of the UK's top djs. The much favored KM Plaza and Pacha are an example for this.As I mentioned earlier benidorm palace is a must, I recommend the most expensive tickets with a front row seat it should not be missed

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