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Clubs and entertainment in Spain

Spain is the country with the highest number of clubs and bars per inhabitant, There are more than 260,000 bars in the country entertainment is everywhere, in other words, one per 200 people. So, as you can already imagine, these businesses and entertainment are an intrinsic part of the life of Spaniards and other nationality’s.


According to a study published by Nielsen in 2016, six out of 10 of these types of establishments are the lifelong Spanish bar – also known in Spanish as el bar de toda la vida. In other words, this is that ‘old fashion’ bar that serves you coffee in the morning and cañas and tapas in the evening and dancing entertainment at night. Even though coffee and beer are the two main profitable drinks in Spain, we cannot forget about (vino)wine which is not just very nice but also can be very cheap, gin and tonics, and local alcoholic beverages such as sidra in Asturias, which is served in sidrerías. As you can imagine, you can easily find any kind of bar, but if you want to have some drinks after work, before dinner or partying, the following ones are the most common:Bares de tapas or cervecerías: Without a doubt, these are the most typical Spanish bars, and they are characterised for giving a free tapa (yes, free) with every drink  and yes again, in some cases you can even have dinner for free. When thinking about cervecerías beer bars, These bars have two or three different craft beers, and Spaniards differentiate this beverage according to its size:  caña (single beer), doble (double beer) or caña con limón (beer mixed with lemon Fanta). Prices are around €1 for a single caña – tapa included, of course.

    Bares de vinos (wine bars): In contrast to cervecerías, wine bars, as their name suggests, are specialised in wine, so you will find quality products at very fair prices. Spanish wine culture only allows you to serve a good product straight from the bottle to the glass, so you need not worry about bar staff getting measures out. Prices depend on the product and the city, but you can expect an average price of €2 or €2,5 per glass and tapa. great entertainment!

 Although they are only located on coastal areas – most of them in the sand or next to the beach, chiringuitos are an essential part of Spanish identity. There isn’t any rule that defines these kinds of bars, as they can offer any type of drinks, food, and atmosphere. Who knows, maybe that is why they are so popular.

Dress up during the Spanish Carnival and be entertained

Every Spanish region has its own way to celebrate Carnival. During these days anything goes: debauchery, humour, parodies, originality, and spectacle. The Carnival of Cádiz is defined by troupes, choirs and chirigotas: songs full of irony and criticism. Santa Cruz de Tenerife celebrates the biggest party in the Canary Islands, where the streets become a world of fantasy, fancy costumes and rhythm. Gran Canaria and Maspalomas, also in the Canaries, hold a party of colours and good vibes and great entertainment.


Spain is renowned for its party atmosphere, but the country's family focus means that there is plenty of fun things to do for all ages to be entertained.


Spain's major cities boast a cosmopolitan range of nightlife, cultural and entertainment options and the smallest of villages celebrate numerous fiestas throughout the year.

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