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Detailed description for this Lookalike

It all started in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. He was born and raised there. He grew up with love and passion for the game of basketball. Although he never had the opportunity to play in high school, he still would play anywhere he could find a hoop and net. He has always been a hard core Laker fan. He remembers back in the day when he would listen to the Lakers on the radio while driving to work (that’s when he worked the graveyard shift).

Visualizing the game was the best part. This Lookalike would imagine every shot and every great moment by the Lakers. When Pau Gasol got traded to the Lakers he was very excited to see what he could do. You see, he didn’t even realize he resembles his appearance. He was excited because he knew he was what the Lakers needed. It wasn’t until the middle of the 08 - 09 seasons when he started to get recognized as Gasol.

That’s when the fans really started to put their attention on Gasol. He remembers his friends joking every time Pau was on TV. It was starting to get incredible when people actually thought he was him.

He then decided to go to a Laker home game (while wearing his jersey). The reaction was unbelievable. From getting a double take from former Laker Rick Fox, and having a great conversation with him (Also getting a double take from Norm Nixon, Bill Mcdonald, and Stu Lantz), To taking a ridiculous amount of photos with fans. Every moment was heart pounding.

The journey continued. He would go to more games, meet so many people, and take so many pictures. He has had a ton of people think he is him, and have a sharpie ready to sign something, but he would have to reassure them that he is not him. He is very passionate about entertaining people. It’s something he as always loved to do. From making people cry, because there so happy to be close to their favourite player, to kids coming up to me with joy and excitement in their eyes. It is awesome.

Another great time was when he went to the Laker Parade. He called out sick from work (as did many other people). There was so many Laker fans. He took hundreds of pictures with people. It was very hard to walk anywhere without taking a picture with someone.

He got a good seat in the Coliseum, almost the front row. It was pretty cool, when Pau Gasol was doing his speech he saw a camera getting ready to shoot me. He stood up and low and behold, he was on the jumbo tron. He was also on live TV!he went to work the next day and his boss said she saw me on TV.

She was pretty mad. He thought it was hilarious. It was something out of a sitcom! The good times he has had have been priceless. He will continue his conquest as impersonating Gasol. It’s only going to get better. The future looks bright for him. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do in the next few years. Pau Gasol is becoming one of the best players to play the game of basketball. His offence and defence are second to none.

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This Lookalike at a glance

  • Number of members - 1
  • Available as a solo act? - Yes
  • Available as a duo act? - No
  • Act length - Mix & Mingle
  • Impersonates? - Pau Gasol from the Lakers
  • Country: United States (and will travel)

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