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Rock D.J.

Detailed description for this Tribute Band

Born in England and raised on a rock n’ roll diet of his Dad’s BEATLES records and his brother’s U2 and GENESIS CD’s, at an early age Brad chose rock music as his drug of choice and became addicted. Soon he needed a bigger fix and in his teens he turned to the Grunge Gods of PEARL JAM, NIRVANA and SOUNDGARDEN.

Bouncing off the bedroom walls screaming every word to his favourites tunes, during those teenage years Brad came to the realisation that music was much more than an art, it was a movement. Not just a hobby or pastime but a reason to live. He felt the immense potential for music to influence hearts and minds in a more powerful and positive way than politics and material wealth. This realization was the moment Brad first dreamed of becoming a singer and changing lives through words and music.

In need of inspiration, at the age of 19 Brad set sail for America and spent 4 years travelling whilst writing songs that he dreamed one day he’d sing in a band. Returning to England in 2002 he made that dream come true with 3 musicians to form a rock quartet known as LEVANTER and they spent the next 4 years on the London unsigned circuit with regular live shows in and around the city. The highlight of Brad’s time in LEVANTER was the writing and recording of their self-produced album in 2005 .

Even though Brad was excited by the recordings, his intuition told him it was time to move on. In 2006 he left LEVANTER and took some time out to dream it all up again. Tired of band politics he accepted an offer to work throughout Europe as a professional male solo artist. Since May 2007 he has performed 597 live shows often gigging 7 nights per week for months on end. Armed with his time in LEVANTER honing his song-writing craft and with the invaluable lessons learned from the last 3 years of marathon gigging and live experience, Brad feels more confident than ever in his ability to achieve his goals which are to continue singing covers for his supper whilst collaborating with other artists to resume writing and recording original material.

Set highlights
  • Rock DJ
  • Angels
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This Tribute Band at a glance

  • Number of members - 1
  • Available as a solo act? - Yes
  • Available as a duo act? - No
  • Act length - 2 + 50 Minute sets
  • Impersonates? - Robbie Williams
  • Country: Spain (and will travel)

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