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Teams up great with our David Beckam Lookalike

Acclaimed by leading TV and feature film producers (and hundreds of delighted corporate and charity clients) as: "THE UK'S No.1 LOOKALIKE/SOUNDALIKE CELEBRITY IMPERSONATOR" Offering a well crafted and totally original performance as a TV & Movie actor, after dinner speaker, stand up comedian, corporate party or event star guest and entertainer, plus a totally "real dead ringer" crowd puller for commercial and promotional assignments. SVEN-GORAN ERIKSSON is one of the most intrigueing characters in the public mind. He is listed by TheFA as England's second most successful national coach/manager in history and after rescueing England from years in "the wilderness" and achieving FIFA No.4 world ranking, he is currently the author of the Manchester City Football club's remarkable turn around. Beautiful women of all ages are fascinated by the enigmatic Swedish charmer and mega babe magnet and he is respected and admired (and maybe envied a little?) by most red blooded males. Sven is not readily available to the public, but "Svenalike" has a "totally uncanny" and virtually indistinguishable likeness that has even convinced members of the England football squad and members of The FA and Manchester City FC's own staff. "THE LOOK, VOICE, MANNERISMS AND authentic wardrobe and props.

Previous gigs

For the past few years, Derek has been the UK’s most successful double for the babe-magnet ex-England coach manager with hundreds of personal appearances for many of the world’s most prestigious clients (including TheFA Official Hospitality entertainer for England FC soccer matches and the new Wembley Stadium company) and is currently unbeaten in ALL auditions as one of the most featured look-alike/sound-alike acts on BBC 1&2, ITV 1&2, Granada, Sky One, Sky Sports, Channel four, Channel five, Setanta, etc., with over 40 live and pre-recorded TV broadcast hours including multiple appearances on GMTV and many hours of live sports features, staring roles in many varied programmes including a MacIntyre’s Big Sting special, 4 consecutive weeks on Top of the pops Reloaded and a staring roll within a six episode prime time comedy series plus selection as a “fake celebrity” guest on several TV quiz and game show specials and has featured in 7 World Cup songs and a number of videos with further movie parts currently being added to his portfolio for and a recently starred in half hour special biography TV show on Swedish Television. Svenalike has also filmed a fairly major part in “Goal!III the movie” on general cinema release Spring/Summer 2009. Derek has also become “the most convincing look-alike of choice” for printed media due to his universally acclaimed “uncanny likeness” and has been extensively featured in most National (and many regional) Newspapers, OK plus other prestige magazines and within countless advertising campaigns and promotions for many leading brands.


Svensational Sventertainment” from Svenalike…. Seeing IS believing. “The UK’s No.1 look-alike/soundalike celebrity double”. (Sean Miller, executive director of “Stars and their doubles” and "comedy pick" of the day: “The Lookey Likey show” series etc.)

Derek’s reputation as the embodiment of the enigmatic and charming Swedish “babe magnet” was further reinforced by the SugaBabes during one of his four consecutive appearances for the Top of the Pops Reloaded show.

"The most convincing and entertaining celebrity double".. "The UK's No.1 lookalike". (Sean Miller - ITV/Granada)

The whole cast and crew thought our "Sven" was the real thing, but we had to clear the set when they fell about laughing during some of Derek's sketches" (Harriet French BBC2 "Top of the Pops Reloaded")

"He had over 150 celebrities, 16000 fans in the stadium and around 8 million SKY ONE viewers convinced for nearly eight hours of live TV" (Mark Chambers - Cup events)

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  • Number of members - 1
  • Available as a solo act? - Yes
  • Available as a duo act? - Yes
  • Act length - 30 mins stand up + 2/3 hours mix and mingle typical
  • Impersonates? - SVEN-GORAN ERIKSSON
  • Country: United Kingdom (and will travel)

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