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Micromagic Show

If on your party there are less than 20-30 guests, I recommend you to choose this genre, where every single spectator will be entertained with incredible marvels. Duration of this show is about 40 minutes. It is not a fairytale but a competently delivered psychology and illusion. As the result of it, you can see interesting experiments of mindreading, classical tricks and latest developments in the world of Magic. Furthermore, you won’t just spectate but, if you want, participate in them in order to feel the real sorcery on yourselves.

VIP Micromagic:

You have a banquet or an event with many guests? In this case VIP communication with each guest will stick in their memory best of all. The Magician, walking through the hall, shows miracles to groups of people. There will be no big stage tricks where secrets or deception can be hidden—only live and all in front of your eyes.

Stage magic:

Best suitable when the number of guests is 50 or more. All what is necessary: a small stage and a microphone. A short performance of 20-30 minutes consists of demonstration of miracles with music on the background and communication, where everyone will be able to take part of experiments with mindreading and simply enjoy classical tricks in a modern style.

A Magician for children party:

On this planet every child wants to believe in miracles. It is a great present for him – to invite a Magician. I remember how after a performance on a party one of wonderful boy I heard children shouting in my back: “Now I will always invite a Magician on my Birthday party!” I understood that for children it is of a very special importance. Who knows, maybe just with help of this faith in miracles they will be able to achieve a lot in their lives. Duration of the performance is 40 minutes. It contains of demonstration of magic tricks with music on the background and an individual communication with each child. Also children will be teached a simple trick, which then they can demonstrate to their friends and parents.

Card stories:

I think that this issue deserves special attention. Many of us play cards but do we know all about them? I will show pure sleight of hand and make some psychological experiments by using only one deck of cards. A plenty of gambling techniques will be shown before your eyes and some of them will be even revealed in order to make you know how to secure yourself in case of fraud. If you have a Pocker competition or a presentation in a casino, this will definitely capture the interest of your guests.

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This Magic show at a glance

  • Number of members - 1
  • Available as a solo act? - Yes
  • Available as a duo act? - No
  • Act length - 40 Minutes
  • Country: United Kingdom (and will travel)

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