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 Macca tribute and lookalike


Born in Liverpool England in June 1961, a Gemini like Paul, it is his home city.

A former firefighter, for 17 years, music was and still is his passion.

He is naturally left-handed, although like many left- handed musicians, he spent many years playing right- handedly. (Mark Knopfler is notably in this group of people). For “authenticity” Neil re – learned left-hand bass for his work as Paul.

Blessed with the “face” of Paul, he is the official “stand –in” for Paul, having doubled for him on two music videos: Dance Tonight 2007, and in a promo for JBL speakers, and his single “My Valentine” February 2012.

As the “go-to” guy whenever “Paul” is needed, he has worked extensively on TV around Europe, advertising anything from Croatian beers to blue-tooth head sets, from TV drama documentaries like “McCartney v McCartney” on channel 4, to comedy TV shows in Spain and Portugal.


Musically, Neil is as much at home portraying Paul as he is now in 2013, as he is playing the happy “mop top” of the 60s.


In April 2011 he toured the USA with The Reunion Beatles, creating a fantasy concert scenario, where all four Beatles were alive and well, and playing music together.

In July 2011 he was honoured to play Paul, in the world renowned “Legends In Concert” show in Conecticut USA, at the Foxwood theatre. With the Moptop Beatles.

He joined The Silver Beatles in September 2012, and was part of the band that toured Germany from January til March 2013, with the successful, “Yesterday” show.

In 2014, he was officially affiliated with Hofner, the Bavarian company that makes Pauls iconic “Violin” bass guitar. He has his own page on their artistes roster, on their official website. He has an increasing profile in Germany, as well as solo gigs there, he is employed by Hofner to demonstrate their bass guitars at trade Fairs, including Namm in the USA and Musikmesse in Frankfurt Germany.

He continues to play in England as well with his own group “The Macca Band” a tribute to Paul, The Beatles, and Wings, as well as doing a “solo” act as Paul.


Previous gigs
  • Paul McCartney. (MPL) music video “Dance Tonight 2007
  • My Valentine 2012 ITV (Harry hill show)
  • BBC1 (National Lottery) BBC radio 2 Reunion Beatles show USA San Fransisco “Legends In Concert” USA
  • (Foxwood casino Connecticut) Channel 4
  • (Documentary, McCartney v McCartney)
  • Spanish TV Globomedia Guiness Flamingo blue tooth devices Karlovacko..(number one Croatian Beer) Stars in Concert Berlin And many more….


Set highlights
  • Let it be
  • Hey Jude
  • Fool on the hill

He was chosen personally by Paul, as his doppelgaenger on 3 seperate occasions.

In 2005, he represented Paul on the occasion of his keyboard players (Wix Wickens) 50th birthday party.

Last but not least, he starred as body double for the music video for "My Valentine / JBL Speakers" in 2012.

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This Lookalike at a glance

  • Number of members - 1 or with full beatles band...Teams up well with Alan Swoffer as John Lennon
  • Available as a solo act? - Yes
  • Available as a duo act? - Yes
  • Act length - 2 + 45 minute sets
  • Impersonates? - Paul McCartney
  • Country: United Kingdom (travelling Internationally)

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