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  • Clauses and conditions Clauses and conditions Following the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 (as detailed in Statutory Instrument 2003 No. 3319) Pro Acts International, require that all prospective hirers and artists read and agree to our Terms of Business as detailed below. For a printed copy of these Terms of Business, please contact Pro Acts International via phone on 00 34 7865322457  or via email PAI Pro Acts International, also known as PAI and Speak Out shall be referred to at all times within these Terms of Business as PAI. The Agent of PAI has the power to vary these Terms of Business. The Hirer, as referred to in these Terms of Business, is any person or company looking to use the services of PAI. The Artist, as referred to in these Terms of Business is any person, act, service, management or group offering services which they wish to be represented by PAI
  • PAI can trade at all times as an Employment Business.
  • The Hirer may enter into a written contract with PAI, and such agreements will reflect a prior binding verbal contract made between PAI and the client.
  • All contracts issued by PAI are subject to these Terms of Business.
  • Circumstances, such as accident, illness or other events beyond PAI's control, may require that an Artist be replaced with a substitute Artist of similar Fee or quality without notice or compensation.
  • In the event of accidents and illness the Artist, the Agent and the Hirer must be notified immediately and must supply the Agent and the Hirer with a medical certificate within four working days, if no certificate is provided PAI has the right to remove the Artist from our database. PAI is not responsible for jobs that are cancelled due to bad weather or cancellation of flights due to strikes or COVID-19 outbreaks and lockdowns.
  • PAI financial terms will be as verbally agreed and will be detailed on the Contract.
  • Prices paid to Artists may be subject to VAT at the current rate but only if the Artist is registered for VAT with HM Customs & Excise.
  • All hirers and Artists agree that they will not (under any circumstances) pass on their direct contact details to anyone involved in the engagement, as referred to in the Contract without the prior written consent of PAI.
  • The Hirer agrees to provide a suitable and safe performing area and as required, appropriate changing facilities for the Artist. The Hirer must also ensure that where electrical equipment is to be used as part of the Artists performance, the electrical supply must meet or exceed legal standards.
  • The Artist accepts this engagement entirely at its own risk and is solely responsible for making all enquiries and arrangements to secure its safety. The Agent and its partners shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable for any loss, damage or costs suffered by, or caused by, the Artist during this engagement. Therefore the Artist will be responsible for their Public Liability insurance.
  • The Artist shall not drink alcohol excessively before, during or after their performance. Also, the Artist will not use illegal drugs on the day of the event or at the venue itself in any capacity. The Artist should be aptly attired for their performance in line with agreements made with the Hirer before the event, and they should remain courteous with the Hirer, guests and employees of the venue. The Artist will not act in any manner that is deemed damaging to the reputation of themselves, the Agent, or the Hirer.
  • All fees and jobs must only be discussed through and with PAI.
  • PAI the Artist and the Hirer agree that any FURTHER BOOKINGS that arise directly or indirectly must be negotiated through PAI and a comparable fee for the booking shall apply. If the client decides to book an act and then chooses to use any members of the booked act in other shows on different occasions, they are still liable to pay the agent booking fees depending on the charges met by PAI, e.g. If you are a solo act booked at the venue from PAI. You go back to the same venue in a different show you are still liable to pay PAI the booking fee.
  • The Deposit of 15% for the UK acts is taken from the Hirer depending on workload as a non-refundable deposit, and it is constructed on administration work and coordination costs. The loss of Deposit will not affect the final amount with regards to the cancellation fees, and the initially quoted price must be paid to the Artist.
  • The event may be rescheduled due to COVID-19 LOCAL OUTBREAKS; in this situation, negotiations must take place to resolve the booking by the Agent and the Hirer. The deposit agreement again will be arranged as administration and contracts will have to be renewed.PAI does not pay artists before the event to avoid such problems when artists cancel because of illness or lockdowns. Still, we do hold the fee which is taken from the client beforehand, unless otherwise agree that payment on the evening is appropriate for a specific type of agreement.
  • Please contact PAI if you want your data removed from our website and our internal database.The reason you are on the site is becuse you email PAI to be promoted on there.
  • Clients booking artist have 48 hours from confirmation of booking to pay the deposits, after this period PAI may have to re-contact the Artist to check availability, and this may occur more administration fees that will be added to the cost of the booking.
  • Any deposits given to PAI beforehand will be lost if the Hirer cancels the event.


  • In the event of cancellation by the Hirer, a fee is due to the Artist, as per the following scale
  • Cancellation of date with more than 28 days' notice 25% of the contracted fee will be due to pay to the Artist
  • Cancellation of date with less than 28 days' notice 50%-of the contracted fee will be due to pay to the Artist
  • Cancellation of date with less than 14 days' notice - 100% of the contracted fee will be due to pay to the Artist.




Terminos y Condiciones

PAI Pro Acts International, también conocido como PAI, se regirá siempre dentro de estos términos del negocio como PAI.

El director de PAI tiene el poder de variar estos términos del negocio.

El cliente, según lo mencionado en estos términos de negocio, es cualquier persona, compañía o grupo dispuesto a utilizar los servicios de PAI. El artista según lo mencionado en estos términos de negocio, es cualquier persona, acto, servicio, manager o grupo que deseen ser representados por PAI. PAI actúan como agentes para los artistas, no como principal.

1. PAI actuará en cualquier situación como negocio de empleo.

2. Los clientes pueden firmar un contrato escrito con PAI y tales contratos reflejarán un contrato verbal obligatorio anterior hecho entre PAI y el cliente. La falta de un contrato escrito no constituirá una cancelación.

3. Todos los contratos emitidos por PAI están sujetos a estos términos de negocio.

4. Circunstancias, tales como accidente, enfermedad u otros acontecimientos fuera del control de PAI, puede requerir que substituyan a un artista por otro de honorario y calidad similar sin aviso o compensación.

5. En caso de accidente o de enfermedad del artista, el agente y el cliente debe ser informados inmediatamente y debe aportar al agente y al cliente un certificado médico en un plazo máximo de 4 días laborables.

6. Los términos financieros de PAI serán según lo convenido verbalmente y serán en el contrato

7. Los honorarios pagados a PAI serán conformes a la tarifa de IVA en vigor en ese momento. Los honorarios pagados a los artistas pueden estar conforme a la tarifa de IVA en vigor pero sólo en el caso de que el artista esté registrado para el IVA Impuesto sobre artículos de comercio interior.


8. Todos los clientes y artistas convienen que no (bajo cualesquiera circunstancias)facilitarán contacto directo a ninguna persona implicada en el contrato, según lo mencionado en el contrato sin el consentimiento previo por escrito de PAI

9. El cliente acuerda proporcionar un área de ejecución conveniente y segura y como sea necesario, las instalaciones convenientes y necesarias para el artista. El cliente debe también asegurarse de que donde está ser utilizado el equipo eléctrico como parte del funcionamiento de los artistas, la fuente eléctrica deba cumplir o exceder estándares europeos.

10. El artista acepta este contrato enteramente en su propio riesgo y es solamente responsable de tomar todas las investigaciones y medidas para asegurar su seguridad. El agente y sus socios en ningunas circunstancias cualesquiera serán obligados para cualquier pérdida, daño o coste sufridos cerca, o causados cerca, el artista durante el curso de este contrato. Por lo tanto el artista será responsable de su propio seguro de responsabilidad pública.

11. PAI' el contrato del artista de s es un contrato para los servicios y no un contrato del servicio (es decir esto no es un contrato de empleo) y no se piensa formar la base de una relación del patrón/del empleado entre PAI y el artista. Por consiguiente, no dan derecho el artista a ninguÌ�n día de fiesta o paga de día de fiesta en lo referente a la disposición del Artist' servicios de s o la empresa de cualquie contrato. Si PAI son requeridos por la ley o en cualquier acuerdo con la cualquier unión o el otro cuerpo de pagarle paga de día de fiesta, el honorario será juzgado para incluir tal paga de día de fiesta.

12. El artista no beberá el alcohol excesivamente antes, durante o después de su funcionamiento. Además, el artista no utilizará las drogas ilegales en el día del acontecimiento o en el lugar sí mismo en ninguna capacidad. El artista debe attired conveniente para su funcionamiento conforme a los acuerdos hechos con el cliente antes del acontecimiento, y deben seguir siendo cortesanas con el cliente, las huéspedes y los empleados del lugar. El artista no actuará de ninguna manera que se juzgue perjudicial a la reputación de sí mismos, del agente, o del cliente.

13. Todos los honorarios y trabajos deben ser discutidos solamente por y con PAI, el artista y el cliente convienen que cualquier RESERVACIONES MÁS OTRA próximos que se presentan directamente o indirectamente se deben negociar a través de PAI y de un honorario comparable para la reservación se aplicarán.

(14) en caso de cancelación del cliente, un honorario es debido al artista, según la escala siguiente… Cancelación de fechas con el aviso de más de 28 días - 25%of el honorario contratante. Cancelación de fechas con el aviso de menos de 28 días - el 50% del honorario contratante. Cancelación de fechas con el aviso de menos de 14 días 100% del honorario contratante.


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