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System of the down tribute

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Detailed description for this Tribute Band

System of the down tribute band

“Alternative Rock” band from Roma. They made of “System of a Down”'s tracks their speciality, as they are the Official Cover Band of this armenian-american band since 2009: their passion for “System of a Down” made them believe in this project when in Sept. 2006 a considerable crowd of fans began to follow them in their exhibitions in pubs, clubs and bars all over Italy and in their home region.

“Ruvido Rock Festival”, these five boys gained the possibility to record a demo track at the Acme Recording studio of Davide Rosati, situated in Raiano (AQ). This hard and productive work that lasted two days the group received compliments by fans and by several local pubs' administrators. But our favorite compliments are those received by Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan (guitarist and drummer of “System of a Down”), that the group met at the live concert of “Scars in Broadway” in Milano (Sept. 2, 2010). This particular event partially re paid our efforts, and fulfilled our dream to know those who inspired our project.

Previous gigs
  • Faro catania
  • Demode bari
  • Sea legend napole
  • Black out roma
  • Temporock parma
  • Midian cremona


Set highlights
  • The whole set is one big highlight
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This Tribute Band at a glance

  • Number of members - 4
  • Available as a solo act? - No
  • Available as a duo act? - No
  • Act length - 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Impersonates? - System of the down
  • Country: Italy (and will travel)

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